THE HIVE: Under Construction   Recently updated !

Hey Hive gamers, John here, if you’ve been by the store recently you’ve noticed that we are in full swing with a renovation/remodeling! While so far this has just been a lot of moving things to new spots, we are now happy to tell you that our full plans should […]



Event Review: Fight Night – STREET FIGHT   Recently updated !

      Fight Night kept rolling this week with STREET FIGHT and the introduction of the Money Bracket! We ran a best-of-3, double elimination bracket on Ultra Street Fighter IV on PC with Xbox360 controllers. For every Fight Night daypass purchased we put $2 into the Money Bracket pool. […]

Event Review: Fight Night – The Return

Last Thursday we held the long overdue return of Fight Night. Long time Hive gamers will remember this event from when we first opened, but sadly we let the salt flow over us and the event died out for a few months. Well we are glad to report that Fight […]



MKX – Available now!

If you haven’t checked out MKX yet then – GET OVER HERE! This new title is awesome on the PS4 with a friend and one of our large screen TVs. Or go solo and pickup some competition in online play. Tons of new fatalities, brutalities, and kombos await you! So […]


Whoa! Well, I guess according to the post below the Hive got frozen back in February and never re-emerged. Stay frosty? We at least have a good excuse for you! If you’ve been to the hive in the past couple of months you have seen a lot of changes starting […]



Hive to remain closed Wednesday, Feb 25

Greetings Hive Gamers! We had talked about opening up today since classes are cancelled (Wednesday, Feb 25), but from all reports the bad weather won’t really get going until this evening after 6pm. Given that forecast we decided to remain closed as scheduled so that everyone can stay safe and […]

Slim consoles, coming soon?

  UPDATE: Forbes magazine reports Netflix suggesting new, 4K capable PS4 and XBO will be here this fall. Slim form factor? Check out the story at the link below.   OP: This week some images popped up claiming to show a prototype version of a slim Playstation 4. Supposedly […]



Razer Sniper Build Log 2: A Lesson in Murphy’s Law 1

Greetings Hive Gamers, John here with an update on the Razer Sniper build. You know we have built a lot of computer systems at Hive Gaming with a combined 30 years of experience building PCs between us we can tell you one of the first things you should learn about […]

nVidia Announces the GTX 960!

Well we have been waiting for this announcement and it finally came today – nVidia has started selling GTX 960 Maxwell based graphics card as of right NOW! These card carry on the recent trend by nVidia to pack high-end GPU features into their mid-range priced cards. I was slightly […]



Razer Sniper Build Log 1

Greetings Hive Gamers, John here with an exciting build to share. You know at Hive Gaming we love our PC gaming and offer custom built PCs as well as upgrades with always free consultations. Well for this one we’ve decided to take you along for the ride and share as […]