Hive League of Legends Championship Sign-up   Recently updated !

Sign up for our League of Legends Tournament. Whether you are a mid laner, top laner, jungler, marksmen or support, we want you!.



Razer Sniper Build Log 2: A Lesson in Murphy’s Law 1   Recently updated !

Greetings Hive Gamers, John here with an update on the Razer Sniper build. You know we have built a lot of computer systems at Hive Gaming with a combined 30 years of experience building PCs between us we can tell you one of the first things you should learn about building is that Murphy’s Law […]

Slim consoles, coming soon?

  This week some images popped up claiming to show a prototype version of a slim Playstation 4. Supposedly code named “monolith” (the original PS4 project code name due to the appearance of the console) these images come via some pics of a computer screen and appeared first in the NeoGAF forums. Many reporting sources […]



nVidia Announces the GTX 960!

Well we have been waiting for this announcement and it finally came today – nVidia has started selling GTX 960 Maxwell based graphics card as of right NOW! These card carry on the recent trend by nVidia to pack high-end GPU features into their mid-range priced cards. I was slightly disappointed to see only 2GB […]

Razer Sniper Build Log 1   Recently updated !

Greetings Hive Gamers, John here with an exciting build to share. You know at Hive Gaming we love our PC gaming and offer custom built PCs as well as upgrades with always free consultations. Well for this one we’ve decided to take you along for the ride and share as we put together something exciting. […]



Smash Night Returns! January 13th

Smash Night Returns to the Hive! Featuring organized play on Melee, Project M, and Sm4sh. New this year – pay for the tourney, play all day! Tourney entry includes all access cover for the whole night! Get your practice in!